TiLPS History of Analytic Philosophy Workshops

THAPW 2024

Theme: New Narratives and Methods in the History of 20th Century Philosophy
Keynotes: Alan Richardson, Eric Schliesser, Rachael Wiseman
August 19-20, 2024

THAPW 2023

Theme: The Global Reception of Russell's Scientific Philosophy
Keynotes: Giulia Felappi, Wim Vanrie, Sebastien Gandon, Pascale Roure, Jan Vrhoski
August 17-18, 2023

THAPW 2022

Keynotes: Cheryl Misak
August 24-25, 2022

THAPW 2020

Keynotes: Esther Ramharter and Sami Pihlstrom
December 14-15, 2020

THAPW 2019

Keynotes: Thomas Uebel, Flavia Padovani, and Yemima Ben-Menahem
July 15-16, 2019

THAPW 2018

Keynotes: Lydia Patton and Maria van der Schaar
July 3-4, 2018

THAPW 2017

Keynotes: Krist Vaesen and Joel Katzav
October 24, 2017